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Get Lost to Get Found

December 2023 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Yep – the C word.  I was on my way to work when the doctor called about my results from a biopsy.  Since days had passed since the procedure – I just assumed that everything was fine.  My theory was that if the result was cancer – they would call me right away.  The call came in, and I had breast cancer.  

Since being diagnosed I have had many appointments with oncologists, additional mammograms, ultrasounds and MRI’s; consultations with surgeons – consultations with friends – and conversations with survivors.  I was not in fear of losing my life – but I still needed to fight the good fight to get through it.

With less than three weeks away from surgery my head was spinning with all the expectations and worries flooding my mind.  Adjustments were made to my work schedule to prepare for three months away from the day to day and I found myself going grocery shopping so many additional times just to make sure that my kiddos at home wouldn’t go without.  Too many unknowns found me overly anxious and emotional.

As a single mom, I sometimes get rattled about my circumstances but it has never taken me down.  This time wasn’t going to be any different.  I will make a plan – I will focus and I will charge forward.  

Cancer is definitely a physical concern to tackle but the secret danger is what a cancer diagnosis can do to you mentally.  So how did I prepare for this next “stage” in life? I escaped!  Yep!  I ran away….. For 72 hours! Nothing centers me more than time away and time alone.  While away I was reminded of who I am at the core of me.  My strength, my power, my wisdom, and my fighting spirit.  I’ve always known I was a fighter… but this time I had to get lost in my own solitary world to connect to “me” again.  

What do you do to recenter and regain focus when life gets hard and there are battles to fight?  Maybe it’s time for you to make your plan.  It could be a movie alone, an afternoon in a museum or maybe a solo trip away!  Whatever it is… be ready!

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