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What do you do when the busyness ends?

What do you do when the busyness ends?  That’s the question I have been asking myself a lot lately.  As you know I have 3 kids in college and one in high school with his own transportation – so no one needs me to drop them off or pick them up anymore.  My kids are doing their own thing with school and work which makes my world look a lot different now.  Last week I was visiting with a friend when I confessed to him that I went to the mall to walk around the day before just to have something to do.  My friend immediately raised the red flag and encouraged (and maybe pleaded) with me to figure out what to do with my time during this midlife season.

So what do we do to fill the void of the hustle and bustle of activities which felt like our purpose when the kids were younger?  I have been reading many articles about this season and many of them recommended starting new hobbies, igniting a new exercise regime and taking up crafting?  Although I think all those things are good and possibly something to consider – I am not sure I’m ready to jump into an activity just for the sake of being busy.  That’s honestly not the real issue when we are shifting into a new stage of life.  Being busy just masks the real situation going on… loneliness in this empty nest season.

So what’s my plan?  Well – I’ve decided to be still. I’m going to sit in the stillness, the quiet and oftentimes the boring-ness of this (initial) new life stage.  How often can we really just sit and take note of our environment, of the sights and sounds and the feelings that we have often stuffed or left unrecognized because we have been so busy for so long.  To be honest – as I have sat with myself for the last few months – it has been peaceful at times and very uncomfortable at other times.  Often I feel lazy and bored and totally unproductive – but I am starting to give myself permission to just sit.  Ponder. Think. Rest.

So until I feel inspired to “do something” like I did so often as an active mother – I am just going to be still and find peace in the present.  As a dear friend said to me the other day, I’m going to be where my feet are.

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