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The “Midlife Crisis”

The “Midlife Crisis”.  We’ve all heard about it – we’ve all wondered about it – but does it really exist?  As many of you know I am walking through the middle stage of an empty nest.  Three daughters have already gone off to college leaving one son at home with me.  He’s 16 so I have a little less than 2 years until I am officially an empty nester.  So is that when the “crisis” will begin?

When my twins went off to college a few years ago I definitely struggled.  I had been a single mom to my four kids since 2009.  My days were filled with organized chaos; carpool, homework, dinners, activities.  You know the drill.  Nonstop busyness.  So when I started to struggle with my emotions of my kids going off to school I went online to research MIdlife and Empty Nest.  To be honest – I was not encouraged by the articles I found nor did I think they reflected how I was feeling.  So much was written about how to reinvent yourself – how to start NEW and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Yes, the stage of midlife is a NEW stage of life, but in no way is it a crisis or a time to reinvent yourself.  Reinventing myself says that who I was before was not good enough and needed to change.  That’s just not true in the life that I have lived.  I love that I am an evolved person.  Yes, I have gone through a broken marriage, location changes, depression, struggling family members, new jobs… you name it.  We have ALL gone through these kind of things.  Sometimes we made good decisions and sometimes we didn’t but that doesn’t mean that I need to erase those experiences and reinvent myself?  No – those experiences have made me who I am today and I love that person.

So instead of reinventing ourselves or calling this season a crisis what should we do?  Well, I think we should start focusing on living in the present moment. Capture every sunrise and sunset, take that trip, try a new hobby.  Start putting yourself out there with new friend groups. Get healthier. Explore new ideas and new places.  Forge a friendship with a younger person.   There are so many things left for us to experience during this midlife season.  Don’t let yourself get stuck.  That’s the easy thing to do at this stage in life… but don’t give in.  Get uncomfortable and LIVE.  It will be worth it.  They wouldn’t call these days the golden years if they didn’t produce gold.

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