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Let it go!

I remember when I was little my mom would say that she was up all night stewing over a situation.  I didn’t understand what that meant when I was a young girl – but now as a grown woman in my 50’s that phrase is all too familiar to me.  What is “stewing”?  Stewing is worrying about something in the past, present and the future that you cannot change or control.  For me it often has to do with personal relationships that I have.  As we grow older our relationships often shift with the natural tendencies of life like marriage, jobs and children. Everything that used to be so simple and straightforward no longer is. More decisions have to be made which lead to an increase in opportunities to mess up and therefore creating additional material for future stewing sessions.

So what do you do?  Continue to stew about the things that are no longer in your control?  Things like job decisions, adult children, family dynamics, lost relationships?  Well I guess you can if you want to live a tortured life, right?  If you want to dwell in the past and all the mistakes you may have made along the way.  OR – you can let it go.  Forgive yourself.  Forgive others.  Understand that we are all human and we all make mistakes and we are ultimately responsible for carving out our own distinct path in life.  Sometimes you remain on the same path as those that are familiar to you and sometimes your paths split.  Just because you go in different directions doesn’t always mean one direction is good or bad.  It’s just different.

So today I am choosing to let it go.  I’m going to let go of the stewing I have been doing about choices and decisions I have made five, ten and even twenty years ago.  I can’t go back and change what has happened – but I can move forward.  I can CHOOSE happiness – I can CHOOSE hope, and I can CHOOSE to just “let it go” and live life in the present.  What will you let go of today?

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