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Don’t Over Pour

I was at Bible study a few weeks ago when one of the ladies in my group gave advice to another to not OVER pour.  When she said that I paused.  It made me stop and think (and write it down as a future blog prompt).  What does it mean to over pour and what does that look like in my world?

So I am a mom.  A single mom, at that, so my world has been squarely focused on every aspect of my children’s life over the last 22 years.  Their daily world has been my daily obsession.  Are they getting enough sleep, do they have friends, did they get enough nutrients in their diet (anyone else buy the books on how to hide puréed veggies in spaghetti sauce?).  That’s what a good mother does, right?  We organize and orchestrate every aspect of our offspring’s life.  Add to that a spouse and a job outside the home and you are completely immersed in a world of demands.

So is that when we over pour?  Give, give, give until our own cup, pitcher and/or well is completely dry?  Why do we do that?  Are we not worth watering? Do we not think our life deserves something or someone that will pour back into us?  I don’t know what your answer to those questions are – but this is what I do know.  Our life has value.  Motherhood and being a wife is significant – but it should never deplete us in a way that makes us wake up one morning feeling lost and empty.  We need to do a better job of finding the watering hole in our lives – whatever that looks like to you.  For me it’s solo travel, authentic relationships and dinners out with girlfriends.  Those things fuel my soul and fill my cup.

Your turn.  What fills your cup?  Will you take the time to figure out what that is? It’s impossible to pour into others from an empty cup. So – fill your cup – THENpour into everyone else’s!

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